Monday, October 31, 2005

Wow, I thought I was without internet access at home for 2 wks, but it's just been one week. My monitor died and I got another one, so I'm catching up on email and hope to be back in the groove soon.

Man, this thing is my lifeline. Especially with Robin. She's been deaf since 17 and can't use the phone, so we've corresponded through email and IM since 1999. And I couldn't get online at work because of a training class we were doing and I was in another department. Speaking of which, they've cut back hours on many people and have laid off some middle management folks. I feel lucky to be working 4 days a week. But keeping my eye on something else to open up.

Skyler and her friend Jess are going to some type of party tonight that's hosted by Pinhead, so she says. Not sure, but I think he's a character from some Halloween-type movie.

So. That's what's new with me these past few days. Will try to visit everyone real soon and see how you're doing. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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Shirl said...

Whew! I'm so glad to see you posting Susan. I was a bit worried.

Happy Halloween to you too!!!!