Tuesday, October 25, 2005


One of my favorite dishes is beans and cornbread. My mother is an outstanding cook, but she never did fix it for us growing up, but I could always get it at my grandmother's house. She'd always make it for me on my birthday. I'd come over for lunch from work and I believe she enjoyed fixing it for me as much as I enjoyed eating it.

Her cornbread is very crunchy on the bottom, which comes from pouring your batter directly into a piping hot iron skillet. It rises nicely until the top stretches and bursts open, leaving just the right amount of golden, cracked open cornbread. Then it's cut into slices and a pat of butter goes into the middle of each piece while the bread's still hot. (450� preheated oven for 20 minutes--ovens may vary)

The beans are dried beans in a plastic bag. Pinto beans, Mixed beans or October beans work fine. You soak them overnight and pour off the water in the morning and add new. Add to the pot a piece of fatback, or strickalean. This is what bacon is before it's sliced up. Cook on low in a Dutch oven for 4 or 5 hours or until beans are tender. Salt to taste.

Skyler doesn't care much for it, but hubby and I still love it. And wonder of wonders, so does my dog, Buddy.


Anonymous said...

Do you care to send me your cornbread recipe?
Love Jeanne


Shirl said...

this is just such a cool post, Susan! And shortly after I read it the first time, I read a story where the cornbread was done in the same way. *grin* Thanks!