Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Internet Explorer Problem?

The company I work for has advised us not to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer for now and sent me the following email so I wanted to mention it in case you may not have known about it.

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Critical Vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Browser:

Microsoft has announced a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer that can allow a users PC to be compromised if they simply access a Web Site that has the exploit.

There is no fix at present, however Microsoft is expected to issue a patch to fix the problem on Wednesday.

In the interim, it is recommended that if you access a website other than ***** that you use alternative Web browsers which do not have this vulnerability.

Some popular Web browsers are:


Further information can be found at

Once the Microsoft patch has been released you can install and then browse the internet with Internet Explorer as per normal.

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This time last year they always advised us to use IE. Over the past months they have been talking up Firefox, which is what I use for work and play anyway. Looks like business may be getting frustrated with IE like us regular folks are doing.


mberenis said...

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Chris said...

The safest possible browser is the one integrated with doesn't work, so any virus or malware designed for it probably wouldn't work either :)