Monday, December 15, 2008

Silver Friendship Ball

This silver ball was given to me by Robin probably about 10 years ago now. I always cherished it and following tradition, we mailed it back and forth to each other, filled with all sorts of surprises and goodies. Some silly, naughty gifts and some very practical things passed between us.

I found the silver ball again after Robin passed away in 2005. It was hanging on her mirror still full of the inspirational cards I'd last sent to her.

The Twiggery is the original silver Friendship Ball company or you can find them all over the internet for $15 - $17. I'd recommend it to anyone to purchase as a gift.

This friendship ball sits on my desk and I see it every single morning. This morning I was moved to pick it up and re-examine it and found it hard to let it go. I consider myself a student of intuition and hope to learn more about it so when something "speaks" to me, it usually finds it's way onto a website of mine as I try to figure out what it really means, if anything at all. It may be that Robin is making certain that she is not forgotten. Silly girl.


Shirl said...

oh wow. That is so cool, Susan! Robin shirley won't be forgotten.

Janet said...

My friend Megan gave me one of those earlier this year...we've enjoyed passing it back and forth!

I'm sorry to hear about your sister and I think this is a lovely way to remember her :-)

Chris said...

That is a great idea! I've never seen that before.