Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Single Mothers

Poor thing. Skyler is so miserable. She's 32 weeks now and can NOT get comfortable, losing sleep, still nauseous, hasn't gained any weight yet and has had a painful pregnancy-- down low and now up high on her diaphragm has been painful where she even cries from the pain. I don't remember pregnancy being painful at all, but it's different for everyone so grandmother is a nervous wreck with worry. She has an appointment Wednesday morning which is always good. I sent her this note last night.
Hi Sweetie,

I found this quote that a single mother had made and I thought it was very beautiful.

"Girls like me have raised presidents. We've raised messiahs and musicians, writers and settlers. Girls like me won't compromise and we won't fail." ~Anonymous

Always hold your head up. Although some days you may not feel like it, you have been given the most prestigious honor in the world-- to become a Mother. I couldn't be more proud of you.



Shirl said...

oh oh. Sooo hard for mom, and maybe even harder for grandma! {{{hugs}}} to both of you!

Marie said...

I heard somewhere that a tough pregnancy generally foreshadows a good soulful baby which sleeps through the night early on:)
I wouldn't know. Both my pregnancies were a breeze and neither one of my girls slept well through the night until they were well into their 2nd year.
Can't wait to see the first photos.