Saturday, July 21, 2007

Food Social Networks

I saw this link about Bake Space at Deb's website today and thought it looked like a good place to keep some of my recipes. I decided to google "food social networks" and found a few other similar type sites. I'm forever getting stuck in a rut and relying on the same old things for dinner.

* Open Source Food - A Social Network for Foodlovers, Recipes, Pics, Tips & More.

* And GroupRecipes is about discovering new foods and people.

All together now: YUMMMMMMMMM!


Marie said...

...and speaking of food of my favorites I just feel compelled to share with you is one of my blog buds,Alanna, who has 'A veggie venture'
She emphasizes local in season veggies found at farmer's markets. I have made and tasted many of her recipes.
This week I'm exploring her beet recipes...

Susan said...

Thank YOU, Marie. That's more what I had in mind. I've bookmarked it and will later linger over it leisurely. :)

Who else has a food site they'd like to mention?

Julie said...
It's a TV show rather than a blog site, but it's my fave cooking show and the only one I've actually tried the recipes from. Their Carbonara recipe is to die for.