Sunday, July 8, 2007


I just finished a lovely slice of watermelon. Yum-ness. I cracked it open last night and Mother and I had a piece before bedtime. I don't remember paying $7.00 for a watermelon before, but it was worth it. Strawberries are sky-high also. What's a fruit loving gal to do? Buy sparingly and treat it as a special event? Take out a freaking loan? And lemons are 2 for $1.38. I've got to make some fresh lemonade soon and it doesn't look like the price is waning.

Do you eat a lot of fruit? Are your fruit prices higher this year? I hear that the orchards were affected by the drought and an earlier freeze. Bananas and apples and oranges are fairly prices, but grapefruits are higher than I've ever seen them.

I try to buy local when possible. $1.00 a pound for tomatos is fair at a roadside stand. The pole beans looked anemic though.

I'm through.

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