Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby Shower(s)

Skyler's baby shower was yesterday. Whew! I'm still recovering from the activity and excitement. Her oldest and dearest friend from 1st grade on held the shower at her place in Asheville and she has a pool at the apartment complex where she lives which was perfect for a hot July day. She also has a 6 month old son so she's been able to pass down many things already to Skyler for her baby boy's arrival in September.

I also met up with her Daddy (and my husband) at the shower. Speaking of showers, it rained, but only a little and the lingering haze over the city made the water that much more inviting.

She got loads of good stuff. Mostly cute clothes. In fact I saw a sea of every shade of blue piled up in a large box. Skyler already had gotten a bassinette, a car seat, a playpen, a tub, and a few other large items. Up until yesterday she hadn't received any diapers yet. Most of her friends are not Mothers and I noticed that Mothers always give diapers to pregnant ladies. Perhaps a new Mother doesn't realize how golden (and expensive) those things are until the baby's arrival. Then she'll be thanking everyone for those diapers. And baby wipes. If she doesn't get another thing, she's in fine shape now for the arrival of big O.

She will more than likely call him "Oliver Phoenix".

Okay. I've blogged about her and now it's time to text or call her. =)


Shirl said...


Coming soon!

thank you for sharing your process of becoming Grandma with us!

Susan said...

thank YOU for being here with me on the journey.