Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Hello dear ones. I hope you are enjoying a well deserved day off, all you worker bees out there.

I've not been up that long. The excitement in the neighborhood woke me up. First of all the fireworks were going on late and I'm cool with that-- up until midnight. After that and you're just being disrespectful neighbors. Around 1:15 I hear one more loud band next door and lie there cussing the audacity of the people. Then I hear fire trucks and sirens and they sound very close. That last bang I hear was a young girl from the neighborhood who after partying too hard, missed the curve and drove straight into the brick house next door. And she got out and ran.

The occupants went after her and brought her back and the police were there. I still don't know why they had 2 firetrucks, an emergency vehicle and 2 police cars, but they did.

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Julie said...

Well there's a young lass in a spot of bother.