Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Name Game

Skye was so set on the name Oliver and I kept teasing her that she'd probably change her mind a few times throughout the pregnancy. Now she likes the name Sebastian. By the time September rolls around she may toss these names out altogether and come up with something completely different. I'm embroidering something for him but I'm not putting anything in for the name yet.

Mother told me that she would have named me Mike if I had been a boy. And she wanted to name me Michelle but thought that people would think it was too different. Michelle is used pretty often now, but way back then it wasn't a name that you heard very often at all. I don't know any 50ish Michelle's, but there has to be some of them out there.

It's interesting how Mommies and others come up with names. And you hope everyone likes the name as much as you do. Tell me a name story.


Julie said...

Apparently I would have been James if I'd been a boy. But when my brother came along less than 2 years later they called him Peter. And my father, John, still is upset that neither of his grandsons are called John.

Shirl said...

I would have been Thomas. Each sibling had their own set of either/ors. Next would be my brother Jeff, who would have been named Betty if a girl, because my mom had to miss Betty & Geoff's wedding. Let's see. Gary/Diane was Gary, Kenneth/Christine was Ken, Nancy/oh boy, I can't remember hers, and I was the one who got to pick the name. I liked Nurse Nancy. My last brother, Dan, was going to be a girl Jacqueline. They had no choice for a girl, and my Grandpa said "how about Daniel in the lion's den?" It worked.

Whee! I had fun blogging in your comments, Susan!