Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Deputies Put "Toe" and "Tow" Together

Toe left at crime scene leads to arrest in Elizabethton

April 3, 2007

ELIZABETHTON (AP) -- Deputies in Elizabethton say the crime involved a toe and a Towmotor forklift and a tow truck was used to help solve it.

The mystery began with discovery of a Towmotor forklift overturned in the middle of a road. Wedged under it were a pair of shoes and socks.

About the same time last week, Sycamore Shoals hospital called the sheriff, saying an emergency room patient's story didn't make sense.

Claude White was telling doctors he had been walking down the street when someone ran over his feet and tore off one of his toes.

But White's wife told a deputy she had dropped her husband off to drink with friends on the same road where the forklift was found.

A tow truck was called to upright the Towmotor.

Deputies found a toe in one of the shoes under it.

White was arrested for theft.


This is from the city where my Mother lives.

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Shirl said...

oh man!!!! What a story!