Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Boy Or Girl?

I'm taking sweet daughter to her monthly pregnancy appointment tomorrow. She's now 17 weeks, 2 days, so they should be able to determine the sex tomorrow (finally). Last month, they couldn't tell and in between appts she was to go have another ultrasound on a new machine but missed the appointment when she couldn't find the building. Hopefully we'll all know boy or girl tomorrow. She's such a dear girl. A very young dear girl. In a perfect world she'd have her partner by her side to go through this all with her. But she has tons of good friends that are over the moon for her and are already gifting the baby right and left.

I just read on Shirl's site tonight that Kathryn is pregnant. What a wonderful surprise for her and her husband especially since they're been trying for some time.

Sure is the yin and yang of pregnancy. One teenage girl, unmarried and having a baby by surprise. One lady with a loving partner (husband) already established in their careers and they've put everything into having their upcoming child.

Both babies are already surrounded by love. Both are surrounded by love.


Shirl said...

oh the yin and yang . . . and both babies will be well-loved. I'm just so happy for you and for Kathryn. And new birth coming, at this time of year, just seems so right.

Love love!

kathryn said...

Thank you, Susan! Your daughter will be following right behind me. I'm at 19 weeks and 3 days. I'm sending happiness to you and her.

Susan said...

Hello, my lovelies. It's a magical time for sure!

Shirl said...

and basketball is over again. *sigh* That was a bummer that your finals didn't get locked in. Dang!

Happy Easter, Susan!