Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Blogging Around The Block

I haven't been motivated to clear out my flower beds as yet. But soon because I have blooms ready to unfold their glory to the sun God. I have the double daffodils that are pale pink and ivory and my ice stick tulips that are white with pink and blue streaks ready any day now.

Stopping by Karen's blog I see she's getting her grounds ready for spring blossoms. She's got some nice photos of her dutch irises and other beauties.

I can't get into Marie's for some reason just now but earlier today I saw the sweetest photo of a new born calf nursing. Very touching. And she always captures the best of her subjects of which many are four legged.

Bryn is feeling the spring coming on, too, and speaks quite eloquently of its arrival.

Anathea observes the changing pulse of the blogosphere. Have the drumbeats of paranoia sounded so loudly we're unable to hear anything else?

Shirl's cat, Snuzzles, may be part dog. He's actually fetching and bringing back the mouse. Pretty cool cat.

Julie is fiddling with Flickr to make a nice portrait. Of course, it helps when you have a great looking face to work with like she does!

** Why does a box appear around my little red star bullets in front of the posts? It doesn't show up in editing and usually a border="0" will eliminate that. It reminds me of our sweet Mandarin Meg because I always turned to her for web help.

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Julie said...

That isn't me, Susan. It's my niece, Georgia.