Monday, March 26, 2007

The Hot & Cold Wars

Now it begins.

The 'off and on switching of the fans, air conditioner, and heater' war. Do you know what I mean?

No matter how you heat or cool your home many people often find themselves in a conflict of room temperatures.

X likes it cool. Y likes fresh air, no matter the season. And Z just cannot get warm and keeps cranking up the heater-- no matter the season.

I confess to being pretty warm-blooded and wanting it cooler than most do. But my husband likes it that way, too, so that's a plus. My mother-- now that's a different story. The heat is still on in the family room and she still uses her electric blanket at night. It's been 80° the past few days.

Can I get a Go On, Girl, an AMEN, or a Hell Yeah out there? Or am I this hard to live with?


Julie said...

Hell yeah! My parents are always arguing about the temperature inside their house.

Shirl said...


Our office is a pain. They had the furnace going yesterday, I had the AC going. Yikes!