Sunday, November 12, 2006

Many ladies are spending $18 on Chanel's "Black Satin" nail polish -- or varnis, in the Chanel vernacular. The Chanel is now completely sold out, but you can find more on eBay if you want to pay $49.99 for it. And Opi's "Lincoln Park After Dark," is also MIA. Even good old Wet & Wild was cleaned out. I bought the last W&W's black polish, "R.I.P." at CVS during Halloween. I haven't done a black pedicure yet, I still have a nice soft pink on, but the manicure is fun to do. Especially with a white french tip.

Remember Chanel's "Vamp"? About 10 years or so ago? Deep dark blood red/black? It was selling out in a flash, too.

I guess wild manicures are one safe place a crone like me can enjoy a little rowdiness. Do you like the wild, dark polish?

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Shirl said...

Now i never got into manicures. Growing up I always kept my nails short for violin, and now, I type all day long. *sigh* It sounds as if I've missed one of life's greater pleasures.

Oh my goodness. Don't show my nieces those plugs. Wow!