Sunday, November 19, 2006


The jewelry my kids wear is still a little foreign to me. I'm referring to earrings. The bigger the hole in the ear the better.

I'm looking for some "plugs" for my daughter. Hot Topic has a few and I found some at from the people.

The picture shown is of some abelone plugs at Hot Topic. Many are made of rubber, wood, stone. Sure is different from the hoops and posts we grew up with, isn't it?


Susan said...

Shirl mentioned that her nieces would like the plugs. I'm so old I remember when ear piercing was a radical thing to do. Next I'll be saying, "Oh, the kids these day..."!

Karen said...

My nephew wears the plugs and they do look good on him but I wouldn't ever do it. It is funny how different generations are.

I just read your post about the Global Orgasm... I'm all over it. ;-) LOL

I hope you had a great weekend! *HUGS*

Susan said...

It makes me wonder about the small holes our generation have and now these large holes in this current youth generation... where will it go next? Yikes!