Sunday, October 22, 2006

testing - screwy blogger, )(*#&%^%

well, this one works, but EBC isn't publishing... arghhh

I've spent a good 8-hour day (well, off and on) trying to get my EBC site to work. I cannot get anything to publish since Friday night! Talk about frustrating. I swear I'm going to go to Wordpress or somewhere else. I have had it with blogger. They are great for a blogspot blog, but not for one hosted someplace else. My brand loyalty ends here today. Now I need to find another system. I've tried to do Wordpress 2 different times but I couldn't understand it. A-D-D problems. I can figure out how to "do A and then do B, and then C". Anymore than that and I am so lost. Anything with more than a few steps and I wig out.

So does anybody love me enough to move me over to Wordpress? Maybe they have something where I can pay them. Or does anyone know of another place to go?

I'm so frustrated. You can't even imagine. I've wasted one whole day and part of the weekend fussing with Blogger.

Blessings to you all...!

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