Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boys, A-Z (A Primer), by Dan Waber (the brains behind the x365 project among other literary endeavors!)--

The abecedarius is a poem with 26 words. The first word starts with "a", the second with "b", the third with "c", and so on.

A cycle of abecedarius re-envisions the alphabet as a loop, instead of a line. The first poem goes from a-z, the second from b-a (through z), the third from c-b (through z then a), and so on.

The book is a cycle of abecedarius poems which aims to instruct young girls about the various types of boys to be avoided (in short, all of them).

Includes illustrations by the author.

The first four poems:

Adam builds computers,
digital engineerings finagle gates,
his insistent keystrokes lay most networks open,
plunder quarantined remote systems.
This uninhibited vandal will X10 your zippers.

Billy can dance,
every Friday goes hip-hopping,
it's just kicks, limbo, mambo,
no orchestra plays quick rhythm steps,
the upstairs vanishes when XM-enabled yahoos zootsuit around.

Charlie doesn't eat fish,
grains, hamburger, instant juice,
kiwi, lemons, mangoes, nectarines or pork.
Queer religious sects take unhealthy vows.
Why X-rate your zaftigness? Appetites belong.

David's experimental fashions grow hilarious.
Imagine Jello knickers. Lavender maribou nightshirts.
Off-center pinstriped quilted red shoulderpads.
Tight underwear. Various weird x-shaped yarmulkes.
Zany aluminum boots. Cowbells.

How fun! And a new word to learn today, too. abecedarius. I'll have to try this sometime. Mayabe some of your word buffs will have a go at it. I couldn't find it on Amazon though.


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