Saturday, October 21, 2006

* I do believe it is one of the most glorious days I've seen in a l-o-n-g time. The back yard is aglow in about 5 80+ year old maples that are in full golden regalia. They're the first ones out of the pack in the fall leaf backyard parade. They're somewhat citrus-y in lemon and lime shades and still mostly hydrated, although there is a crunchy blanket of them underfoot. I remember when Robin and I used to build tunnels out of the leaves and cried when they got raked up.

* Mother and I are gearing up for the UT-Alabama football game at 3:30. She and Daddy always had season tickets and she was telling me how before home games the football players walk from the school to the stadium in dress clothes and everyone cheers them along the way. They had the best time and truly made an event out of Fall Saturdays together.

* Later, lovelies!

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Shirl said...

oh Susan! What a wonderful backyard you must have! And what wonderful memories.

And I'm so glad you're hearing your mother's stories. Those are so special.

Love love!