Monday, April 17, 2006

Hi, Flickr Friends! Let's pick up the mood a bit around here. I've spent most of my online time today on viewing YOUR pictures. And lovin' every minute of it.

Jeanne8's photos are always so uplifting. It's funny how you can get a glimpse into someone by looking at their pictures.

And Auntowwee's documenting her new move into the historical family farmhouse. And yes, it's just as lovely as it sounds.

Mindful One is so creative and artistic with her collages and her embellished touch on her artwork.

Karen6977 captures photos that surround her. In beautiful Utah, the only problem with that is trying to decide which shot to take.

Kaneblues remains mysterious, but he lets his photos do his talking.

Threed, aka Susan, is our certified dog lover. She loves animals so much and her pet pics are just adorable.

You will flip when you see Trykemom's pictures. She has a great photo of a hawk! And an alligator! ("Gator's got your granny...", why do I automatically hear that old song?)

And I (sujaco) uploaded pics of the flowers that Robin planted and has bought from, and there's also a Canadian website. Don't know if they ship internationally or not. They have an unconditional guarantee. One of these days I hope to have a digital camera so I can take photos and share them with all of you. I'll be a picture taking fool someday.

So back to Moonbird has actually made the lowly dandelion look beautiful.


Shirl said...

It was so good to see you over at flickr today, Susan! It's such a great place, and it was fun to see your garden!

Karen said...

Thank you, Susan :-D I know all but Jeanne8 and Mindful One so I'm off to check them out. I agree with you on the others, they're awesome and some of my favs.