Monday, April 6, 2009

Where'd You Go, Spring?

A few weeks ago I got out my favorite (only) pair of white slacks and other spring tops-- sleeveless and short sleeves, I'd packed away. Mentally putting together all the pieces for the coolness of the pending warm weather.

I found a pair of beautiful white sandals (heels) that had been $75 and got them for $14.00.

Also a week ago I got a beautiful pedicure with yummy oils and bought some good lotions. They painted my toenails a shocking pink.

But I'm's still quite cold here in Tennessee. Winter got an extension.

I keep passing over the summer tops and pants in the closet for the long jeans and sweaters and I put those white shoes back in their box.

My feet still look stunning and I admire them just before I slip some crew socks and tennis shoes over them.

Now the weather calls for a light snow tonight and tomorrow. Where'd you go, Spring? I'm waiting.

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Shirl said...

Snow here this morning.

Thanks for that wonderful link!!!

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