Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dave's Garden

For several years now whenever I need to look up something pertaining to flowers or fuits, etc, I usually visit Dave's Garden website first.
From the website: Dave's Garden is an informational website where a large, international community of gardeners can learn from each other and find resources offered by the gardening industry.
It's much more than that. It has all the zones for planting, migration info, photos of plants and flowers from every zip and postal code. Forums of expert gardeners and piddlers like me all congregate to learn and/or help one another.

The Garden Watchdog at Dave's Garden is a free directory of 6,760 mail order gardening companies. And Plant Scout helps you correctly identify your plants. Plants and Seed Trading, also a great section.

Since 1994, 3,510 companies have been reviewed in the Garden Watchdog, and 46,579 comments have been posted (33,043 positive, 5,268 neutral, 8,268 negative) by 24,273 customers.

Hope you enjoy it. Favorite the link and thank me later. :)

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