Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selection Sunday, was it good for you?

I have Duke as a #2 seed, Tennessee as a #9 seed and my alma mater ETSU, no less, as a #16 seed. I don't think they've ever been invited to the dance before.


Chris said...

I have to go with my 'Heels but hope Ty Lawson's foot gets better this week.

I'll root for Duke until if/when they play UNC.

I'm hopeful for Tennessee since I live here, but not expecting much. They have been so streaky this year.

Susan said...

This hasn't been a very good season for UT but I sure would love to see the VOLS do something great.

And Shirl, Michigan State got a good seed, didn't they?

Shirl said...

Yep, we're a #2. That's where most folks up here wanted us to be. Go Green!!!!

Shirl said...

In my dream bracket I have us meeting Duke in the finals . . . now wouldn't THAT be cool!

Susan said...

That would be very cool AND it would really be a great game to watch, too.

They played each other a few years back in regular season, didn't they?

Shirl said...

Yes they did! It's always a good game.

And in 1999, we lost in the final 4 to Duke . . . and had a subsequent riot in East Lansing. That was no so good.