Sunday, March 15, 2009

Media Recommendations

I saw one good movie and one good television series premiere this weekend.

The movie was The Reader, in which Kate Winslet won her Oscar award. And on tv I accidentally happened upon Kings, a sweeping drama about a fictional country and king and the politics, corruption, and family that's involved.

The movie, The Reader, was mesmerizing, although the nudity and sex was more steamy than I am comfortable with watching. I hate watching sex for sex's sake. If it fits and adds to the story, fine. And it did.

Kings pulled me in while channel surfing and hooked me all the way through. I was even crying I tell you. The young man is great and Ian McShane, from Deadwood, is perfectly cast as the King of Gilboa.

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Shirl said...

Thanks for the reviews, Susan! I had been curious about both!!!