Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who's Done With Their Decorating?

You? And you, too? Damn. Bend over and let me give you a swift kick because I'm totally jealous.

This is the one night of the year that our neighborhood puts out the luminaries for all to see.

And, by the freaking by, the neighborhood committee would love it if you'd have your house and yard decorated as well. Grrrrr.

But it's really quite beautiful and festive and this year is the 30th anniversary of the lights which someone decided to call, ahem, "Lights For Jesus".

So I better get busy and slap some lights up outside and maybe decorate the front of my Christmas tree-- the side that's in the front window. ha!

UPDATE: 4:00 PM - luminaries in place. Waiting until 5:30 to go back out and light them en masse.


brooke said...

i don't decorate. bah humbug. but i did dig my car out from under the snow by noon today. and nettie-potted my nose. does that count at all? ;-D

Susan said...

Hell, yeah, Brooke! That's productive! Fedex some snow down my way.

I've put up some outdoor decorations and stopped to have a bite of lunch. Now, back to finishing those luminaries!

brooke said...

i like you susan.


Susan said...

And I like you, too, Brooke!

Chris said...

Nope, my tree is still "displayed" in it's box in the basement closet. The ornaments are "displayed" in a box next to the tree box.

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Shirl said...

The luminaries are beautiful, Susan! You did it!

I've started putting out my angels, and I have the garlands on the step rail and mail box. The tree? Well, that adventure is next week. I like to build slowly, then really enjoy the decorations between Christmas and New year, and then start taking down.

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Susan said...

Thank you, Shirl. I like you stress free way of decorating! My tree is up but there is nothing on it yet. ha!

Susan said...

Chris does the stress-free decorating, too, I see. That's funny, Chris!