Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainy Day Women

The rain doesn't normally wake me up but this was pretty loud today. And appropriately the news was talking about Illinois Governor Blagojevich. What kind of cajones does it take to brazenly dare prosecutor Fitzgerald out? Did he never hear of Eliot Ness?

I'm taking Mother back this morning for a follow-up scan on her thyroid. It's been excruciating for her to wait on this upcoming hospital visit since they found a discrepancy on the initial x-ray last week. Low thyroid is something I know very little about. I know she's lost her hair at an alarming rate this past year and she's felt pretty weak and droopy so I hope it's something she can take a pill for and it'll help her with little or no intrusion.


Chris said...

He makes Elliot Spitzer (NJ but spelling probably off) look like a regular choir boy, doesn't he?

Susan said...

I KNOW!! lol!

brooke said...

i've heard there's something called 'synthroid' that pepole can take. low thyroid is also a cause of depression.

Shirl said...

Hope you got the results you wanted, Susan!

Politicians. A naughty word.