Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did You Know...

If you are a sports fan and are looking to find a score for a particular game, did you know that you can type the teams' name in Google and get the latest score? You can also get the score while the game is in progress.

Here's what Google has today for the New Orleans Saints, who played today and for Manchester United who did not:

Last game: Dec 26, Stoke City 0 - 1 Manchester United
Next game: vs. Middlesbrough, Dec 29 3:00pm ET

Carolina Panthers 33 - New Orleans Saints 31


Chris said...

That is cool, I had no idea. I kept navigating through yahoo>sports>nfl>scoreboard, etc


Susan said...

You're welcome! That's what I used to do, too, Chris, until I found out by mistake that this works. Have you pulled out of blogging altogether now? I've tried to visit with you lately and your blog has disappeared.

Julie said...

I knew that :)