Monday, November 17, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings


I say ... and you think ... ?

Please stop :: by when you can
Move over :: rover
Sweet as :: pie, honey, snuff--ha!
Bet :: gamble
Mad about :: choo (you)
It’s over :: divorce! No, not me.
Intend to :: make happen
Blame :: game
Jefferson :: Airplane and Thomas
Heartless :: bastard

is it cheating when you have multiple answers? I'll have to work on that. Sometimes several answers storm my mind at once and it's hard to determine the first one.


Shirl said...

Wow! We do have five. And nope, it's definitely not cheating to have multiples!

Deb @ Sugarfused said...

Funny that we both said heartless bastards ;~)

Julie said...

Airplane and bastard - two matches :)