Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway Winner

"Did Korto's vibrant, unique looks, Leanne's aqua waves of same or Kenley's flocked retro kaleidoscope rock Fashion Week?" {More »}

"So that's why we watch this show after five seasons! To relive our high school years, only this time the cool, snotty, popular girl with the red lipstick is shunned and humiliated, the confident, beautiful, intimidating black girl with the withering glare comes in second, and the squeaky little nerd with the bad hair wins the applause, the adoration -- and the dorky-looking car." {More »}

I thought any of the three could easily win. It's just 3 people's opinion, therefore pretty subjective. I was rooting for Kenley because she was the underdog and I liked her feminine Alice in Wonderland type clothes. Leanne was good as usual but I'd like to see if she could do anything else besides her usual "petals" style.

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