Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cutting Back On Expenses

This is personal, I know, but I'm looking for ideas and, well, camaraderie. Looking over my household expenses, I see what I can cut back on or do without.

I had been automatically picking up a prescription each month that I thought I could do without. After a doctor consultation, I stopped this medicine altogether, which saved $28.00 a month.

My television bill is outrageous so I cut back the premium services and lowered that bill by $25.00 a month.

Still not smoking after 2 months has saved a ton of money AND other benefits.

Onto the telephones. I just pay the phone bills each month, never paying it much attention. But I looked at it in a new light and realized that I am paying for 4 PHONE LINES A MONTH. Four different phone numbers; 4 different payments a month. All are essential, but I did manage to cut the fat somewhat.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Cut the land line out all together and get a pay as you go cell phone. If you must have a land line then get it through your cable provider, most likely it will be Charter. We cut out a 40 some dollar a month cell bill by going on the pay as you go plan, we now pay $20 once every three months each for our cell phones. And we cut out out land line phone in favor of phone through the cable company.

Susan said...

Thanks, Dr Monkey. It really helps to know that if you and your household can do it, there is hope for me to be able to do it, too!

There's 3 cell phones and one landline that I must have for work.

Only one of the cells has that $20 every 3 months program. Ideally, I need to chop back those other two cell phone bills.

I should trim the fat from my internet spending, too, by letting my EBC site go and going back to using Blogspot.