Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Too Hot To Handle

I don't like hot weather. I must have liked it at some point in my life with all the beach trips I took. I know that when I was younger my Dad kept the house feeling like a meat locker and so the outdoors was like an oven to me.

It's currently 90° in Tennessee, and the heat index is 94° and we're just dipping into June. At least it's usually 5 degrees cooler in Asheville and I'll be over there tomorrow.

Are you cold-blooded or hot-blooded? Do you prefer the Spring/Summer months or the Fall/Winter months?

I think I like Fall best of all.


Shirl said...

I prefer spring/fall. Summer is too hot, and winter has become too cold. But oh, I love the spring.

Julie said...

I prefer Spring and Autumn. Summer's too hot, winter's too cold. Right in the middle, that's me.