Monday, June 2, 2008

Me Write Funny Again

David Sedaris, best-selling author and New Yorker magazine contributor, discusses his new collection of comic essays. When You Are Engulfed In Flames is released tomorrow, June 3, 2008.
The cigarettes I bought that day in Vancouver were Viceroys. I’d often noticed them in the shirt pockets of gas-station attendants and, no doubt, thought that they’d make me appear masculine, or at least as masculine as one could look in a beret and a pair of gabardine pants that buttoned at the ankle. Throw in Ronnie’s white silk scarf and I needed all the Viceroy I could get, especially in the neighborhood where this residence hotel was.
I love him.

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Julie said...

I don't know this writer. Must keep an eye out for him, I like that little excerpt.

Julie said...

PS. What the hell does "narthex" mean? That was the Hangman word I got hung on.

Sujaco said...

David Sedaris is a scream! Google him. His sister, Amy is also funny.

Narthex? WTF? Hangman's cool. =)

Shirl said...

I have Amy's entertainment book. What a hoot!

Sujaco said...

Oh, Shirl, I bet it is. She is truly an original.