Saturday, June 7, 2008

Found: Black and Tan Cocker & Mini Dachsund (Elizabethton)

Lost Your Dog?

Early morning on June 6 and June 7 I have seen 2 beautiful dogs running around my West Elizabethton neighborhood.

One is a black and tan cocker spaniel and the other one is a dark (or black) small dachshund.

Are these your little darlings?
I am posting this info everywhere I can and am calling people that have lost similar dogs, etc.

There really should be ONE clearinghouse for lost and found dogs. Every city has several places to look for a lost dog or place an ad for one. I can't get close enough to see if they have tags or not and it's also dark outside when they come around.

These are two very cute dogs and I'm sure their owners are completely unglued. Anyway, I'm posting here, too, in the hopes that someone might find this through Google. I already posted on Craigslist.

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