Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Someone Made My Day

As I stepped up to the counter and asked for my cigarettes, the clerk uttered that magical phrase, "May I see your ID?".

I hadn't heard THAT in so long I wasn't sure I could even comply, but I fumbled for my driver's license and showed her my date of birth. I tried to maintain without giggling so wildly that it would raise suspicion that I was high on something illegal.

Before getting back into my car I started singing a little Pointer Sisters' "Yes, you can", "Yes you can-can ..." in the parking lot just for drill.


Sujaco said...

This clerk must have been told to check everyone's ID. There is no way someone could look at me (with NO MAKEUP on) and think my ID should be checked! I admit it did make me feel that I didn't look so haggardly as I thought I did.

Julie said...

Ack, don't spoil the moment :)