Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can You Solve The Mystery of the White Gloves?

Can You Solve The Mystery of the White Gloves?
The mystery of the missing left handed gloves. I ran across these old gloves yesterday in a craft drawer. They are the other halves to 2 pairs of gloves. Obviously. So, what did a seamstress/crafty person do with one of those missing left handed white gloves? Hint: This was in the 1980s.

Answer will be in the comments at a later time. =)

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Jane said...

Perhaps part of a Michael Jackson Halloween costume?

Julie said...

I'm thinking the samw thing.

Julie said...

the same thing even

Sujaco said...

You girls are right! Thanks for indulging me and playing along. I made Michael Jackson gloves for my young son.

I took the left handed gloves and sewed silver sequins all over them and it really looked fabulous! My son was thrilled. He was probably 9 years old at that time. He would wear the glove so much that the sequins would fall off and I ended up making him 2 different sequined gloves. I wonder what ever happened to those sequined ones? Hard to say. Sweet memory.

Shirl said...

Eek! I'm too late. I would have said Michael Jackson. Really I would!

Sujaco said...

Hey, Shirl! You're also a good guesser. My son was such a hit with that glove. Of course, he had to take it to school and show it around.