Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've been messing around with Wordpress lately and am going to move Susan*Jayne over there. I've already imported this website info over there but I still need to fix the place up before company comes to visit and before I close up shop here.

The link is here at Susan*Jayne or you will be taken to the site automatically before you finish reading this post.

Later this year I'm going to open up a new website on Wordpress, probably, that will replace my Easy Bake Coven site, AND it will also have a new domain name. So, that's why I'm over at WP getting to know the place.

Updates to come.


Shirl said...

Just keep leaving us a trail and we shall follow, Susan!

*sigh* Spartans sure crumbled Friday night. Now I'm just rooting for you to win at Denny's. You're doing great!!!

Sujaco said...

Ditto sigh... Spartans were my last hope. Half of the teams left were the ones who beat my favorite teams so I'm not very thrilled to see them advance. Who's left to cheer for? Texas? Kansas?