Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Need Your Help! Anybody!

I'm thinking of selling that Led Zeppelin poster of mine. I had a good offer and I may go through with it. The guy says he'll give me the money first and then I can send the poster. (He's also making me a reprint.)

Here's where you come in. I haven't asked him yet, but what is the best way to get the money from him? Paypal? Or what? I wouldn't want to give out my bank info to someone I don't know. Should I ask for a cashier's check or what?

Thanks, guys.


Maggie said...

Led Zeppelin poster?? What Led Zeppelin poster?? First concert I ever attended. Still love listening to them when I'm alone. PayPal would be an excellent choice IMHO.

Sujaco said...

Here's a link for that poster, Maggie. 1970? The next time I saw them was in 1972 and I have that ticket stub and it's on my flickr,

Sujaco said...

And thanks for your input on PayPal, Maggie. I've used them before but it's been awhile and I've never had any problems with them either.

Julie said...

Selling a Led Zeppelin poster? Why on earth?