Saturday, February 23, 2008

#1 VS #2

I've got the Februarys but my passion for music and sports keep me sane. Those are MY #1 and #2 treats in life. (behind my family and friends, obvs)

Super hype for the UT (2) vs Memphis (1) game at 9:00 pm tonight. It's major buzz in eastern Tennessee and I'm sure the hype is deafening in Knoxville, home of University of Tennesse (at Knoxville) Volunteers. UT has such a great momentum going into tonight's game. It served the NY Giants well.
Memphis - 26 - 0
Tennessee -24 - 2

Memphis is going for a perfect season tonight. Can anybody say Patriots? I thought you could.


Sujaco said...

UT WON!!!!!

They will be ranked #1 on Monday when the AP basketball poll comes out. It'll be the first time in history Tennessee has been ranked #1.

Shirl said...

hurrah!!! Awesome!!! Terrific!!!!

and while we're not doing so well, I feel a surge coming on for us!