Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Morning Moi

apologies to ebc--i couldn't resist

saturday morning moi //
folger's #1/marlboro #1/
funky black hat/reading glasses/
infomercial droning in the background/
still wiping the sleep from me orbs/
took the dog outside/a warm 28° @ 6:AM/
play first (online)/work later(8:00)/
good morning!/


Shirl said...

oh, i'm such a mess this saturday morning! Pink slippers, blue jammy bottoms, green and white MSU tee shirt. Good to see a SMM, Susan!

Your Host said...

Hong Kong T-shirt/blue silk pajama pants/bare feet/ginger-cinnamon tea/going to grab a shower in a minute/daughter and husband chattering about hot cocoa

Good morning, Susan! I've missed participating in this

Sujaco said...

Oh boy, oh boy! How cool that you guys came. =)

I forgot to include my morning mess of clothing.

Besides that old black hat, I had on a navy sweatshirt and light gray sweatpants, which serve as my pajamas, and black houseshoes, which now delightfully serve as my work shoes.