Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Minis Arrived!

Jane (fka DivaMaggie) sent me the prize that I won in a drawing she had on her website Rowanista.com.

They are mini knitted magnets of a stocking and a sweater. She is a longtime friend from Canada and a fabulous knitter and has been blogging back and forth with me for five years now. I wish this would have come out better on my little webcam, but I'll try to capture a better photo of it when I get more time because you cannot see the magnificent detail she's put into her work. Mother was impressed with your skills, Jane. She's a knitter from way back and tells me that socks are especially brutal to configure.

Thanks again for the contest. I really like my little minis.


Jane said...

I'm so happy you like them Susan ;-) and I'm thrilled that you won!! I knit a little set for myself that I am keeping aside until I can pop them on my fridge in Vancouver. I'm thinking of throwing a little dried flower into the stocking. What are those lyrics from McCartney's song? "If I ever get out of here"?? SMILE!!

Sujaco said...

A flower in the stocking... that's a nice touch! And the card? Exquisite!