Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Susie Crocker

This is Betty Crocker's Cookbook, my favorite cookbook. Inside it is signed "Wedding Gift, 1972" and was from my Mother. When I was small I watched her cook from well-worn cookbooks with notes in the margins and spots of cake batter stuck to the pages. When I received this shiny new cookbook as a new wife I didn't imagine it would one day look like it had been used. But it does. I've taped the spine back on and I still refer to it today.

I see where one in good shape brings $130.00!

I also had this cookbook. It's probably here someplace so I'll have to dig around for it. I loved this cookbook. Robin and I enjoyed looking at the book and even trying out some of the recipes. It showed how to make everything from Ice Cream Cone Cakes and Pigs in Blankets to Cheese Dreams and Sloppy Joes. Not long before, we had made little cakes from our Easy Bake Oven, which I though tasted yummy. Absolutely yummy. Remember how they just gave you enough cake mix to make like, two tiny cakes? And you cried about it? But I digress. Looking up the cookbooks I ran across another post on this cookbook by The Boomer Chronicles.

Tell me about your first cookbook. =)


Julie said...

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Sujaco said...

...i'm gone! thanks, Julie

Julie said...

You're welcome. Merry Christmas :)