Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Blogging

My fever has broken this morning. Thank goodness. But I'm still feeling puny. Skyler and the baby are staying thru Thanksgiving. Skyler also has a cold. The baby miraculously doesn't have one. Nor does Mother. Hubby is coming over tomorrow night bringing dessert for the turkey dinner.

I'm glad I picked up the turkey Sunday when I was in town. Mother asked if I wanted to postpone our Thanksgiving dinner until the weekend, but I think I'll feel well enough early Thursday morning to cook. Mother wanted me to have them cut it in half and use the other half at Christmas time but I'd rather have too much turkey than not enough turkey so I brought home all 14 lbs of him in one piece.

Did you know that the Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday? It's when everyone is back at work after Thanksgiving and they're shopping online. Retailers are promoting sales with free s/h Monday, November 26 so if you're a big online shopper like I am, you'll want to have your shopping list ready.


Julie said...

Hope you feel better soon. I'm with you on the turkey :)

Shirl said...

oh turkey leftovers are just SOOO good!

I'm doing two turkeys, two twelve pounders. And a ham. And then we're going to leftover it up for the weekend.

I have thirteen adults and two BABIES coming Thursday. More will gather at my mom's on Friday. SHould be a GREAT weekend!

I didn't know about cyber-Monday. Wow! Must remember credit card!

Feel better!