Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's New?

I need to do a family update. Not only for family members who read the site but to document milestones and insignificant events that are a special part of my daily life.

**Why I choose to say "insignificant" began when I was an arrogant teen and older. Speaking with my Mother was painful. She would drift off talking about the cat that lived next door and how she forgot to turn on the dishwasher and other tedious thoughts to a thriving teenage girl. Thankfully, I matured and learned to enjoy her daily accounts and I even encourage her to tell me more.

She wasn't doing very well when I came to stay with her 2 years ago but after a few doctor and hospital visits, she's amazing. The clarity is heart-warming. Everything is still sharp and young about her but her gait. She now uses a cane and putters slowly and deliberately.

**Dear husband is as snarky as ever. Why doesn't he write a book? He has written many songs-- even gospel songs and country songs because he's such a good story teller. He's going down to see Skyler and Phoenix this week again (200+ miles). He reminds me so much of my own Father. Always dependable and ready to lend support whenever his daughter needs it.

**I'm aching to see my little grandson. Phoenix is 8 weeks old now. I'm going down sometime before the year's out. Skyler is wanting to go back to work to pitch in but Jason is happy taking care of them for now so we'll see how that goes. She's pretty much the earth mama of their little commune. There are 3 couples and 4 children sharing a big house.

**Who else? Oh, there's me! I'm looking forward to getting things set up to work here at home this week. I wonder how I'll do with that? Interruptions? Can I stay focused? Do I wear my house shoes or should I dress up like I'm at work to help me get in the working frame of mind? Should I set up my computer work space in another area of the house, or just leave it where I always type? Hi-speed Internet coming this afternoon! Zoooooooooooooooooom!

Okay, that's my news or lack of it for today. xo

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Shirl said...

let's see. I think wear whatever you want, EXCEPT for your shoes. Your shoes should be what you would wear to work. or not. Just my first reaction.

I am so happy for you, kiddo. I only wish that skyler and phoenix were closer!