Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's Halloween-- almost

Who's dressing up for Halloween? What are you going to be? I haven't dressed up in ages. I'll be handing out goodies tomorrow night.

I bought 96 pieces and I'm hoping that's enough. It's all calorie-laden, cavity-inducing, sugar concoctions.

And then I may pour myself a drink.


Shirl said...

I used to pass out candy at my brother's so he and his wife could take the kids. Now . . . they're all grown up. (Thirteen is soooo old!) *sigh*

Sujaco said...

Thirteen is old for some, I know. But we do have our sweet memories of our little ones.

I think of my son in Luke Skywalker and Spiderman costumes and my daughter in a Jasmine (from Aladdin) costume I made and a fairy princess and others we bought through the years. She played in that Jasmine costume for ages! And now she's a new Mother. You have many many costumed memories with all of yours, too. Treasures, to be sure.

Shirl said...

ah yes. and just think, in a year or two you'll have memories of Phoenix in his costumes. The circle keeps turning.

Julie said...

You're tagged

Sujaco said...

I can't wait to watch Phoenix grow and develop.

Thanks, Julie. I'll work on it real soon.