Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekend Football

I was also delighted to see ASU beat Michigan. I believe everyone south of the Mason-Dixon line is too. Marie, from Blue Ridge Blog fame, is a big Appalachian State University fan. That's "App-a-latch-un" to the uninitiated. Many of us bloggers have a favorite team. Shirl cheers on Michigan State University. Julie has a favorite team (St Kentucky Fried Chicken-- just kidding, Julie) over in Australia. And I'm interested in Duke basketball and University of Tennessee football most of all.

**Baby news: Well, there is none. Yet. 7 more days to go until her due date, September 10. As you may know, anyone this close is mostly miserable, can't get comfortable, and can't sleep well and want it over with but are still so excited and giddy they're practically floating. So we wait with major anticipation for baby Phoenix to arrive.


Shirl said...

I am SOOOO giddy about UofM losing. I can't wait until I see the dude I lost fifty bucks to last year. Or do you think I should take the high road????

Susan said...

Ooh, that's a hard one. I would probably make sure I could be someplace where he's going to be and just smile and say hello. Just the fact that you know and HE knows is good enough. Plus he'll have to bring it up and will also get a little burn that you were so classy about it.

That's my suggestion... but I know it would be hard for me to hold my tongue with some people! Let me know what happens.

Julie said...

I stopped in to see if there's any baby news and find my football team being insulted instead. Should I take the high road????

And I always thought it was Appalayshun.