Thursday, September 13, 2007

Love and Hope

Oh, baby boy... what a joy.

I drove over the (NC) mountain this morning and had breakfast with Skyler and Phoenix at Denny's. Phoenix's carrier fitted nicely into the high chair device that they had there. Of course, his bottom didn't linger in it very long before he began squirming and wet his diaper and got hungry.

Skyler (amidst her ADD and all) was very prepared with a bottle full of expressed Mommy's milk ready for him so she fed him and then whisked him off to the changing table in the ladie's room to freshen him up. She had Daddy go to WalMart at 5:00 am the other morning for a breast pump.

It is a pure joy to see the world through her new Mother eyes. Everybody offers the baby and Mother a smile or comment. I told her that she now belonged to a very special club where membership has its privileges -- The Mother's Club.

A baby will invite total strangers to start a conversation with you. We find it so much easier to talk to someone with a baby. I wish we could always feel so at ease to strike up conversations with strangers on the street.

A baby gives you hope. A baby will remind us that sometimes through the miasma of twisted evil in the world there are also miracles and blessings wrapped up in love and hope.

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