Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Here's Baby! My 1st Grandchild

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There are a few more pics on Flickr. (Photo taken with cellphone)

Welcome to the world my first grandchild, Phoenix Sebastien. 7lb, 10oz @ 12:29am, 9-9-07.

His big Winnie hat on and his little hands like this made Skyler laugh and joke that Phoenix was throwing up gang signs! Hardly.

Skyler went into the hospital Saturday around 1pm and had him early Sunday morning and they came home from the hospital Monday afternoon. I spent 3 nights, 2 at hospital with her and baby and one at home with her and baby and left Tuesday morning when they were both napping. She's breast-feeding and I could not be more proud of her.

She, who will freak out when she gets a bee sting, delivered this baby after half of her epidural wore off and everyone was waiting on the doc to come and fix it before baby came out, but the doc didn't show up until she had pushed baby out. So she just looked at the delivery doctor and said, where is he? She said, his head needs another inch to be all the way out. Skyler waited for the next contraction and bared down, grunting, sort of directing her delivery. Wow, I was SO impressed. I was sitting by her left side, but she wouldn't let me touch her so we had eye contact and I talked to her and told her to listen to her body, (something I always say) and to do what feels naturally.

I believe he's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. Big beautiful lips-- large, dark blue eyes and everything he does is adorable. Long fingers that Granddaddy is likely to wrap around a blues guitar one day. I can think of nothing but him and keep replaying the weekend over in my mind. I have a lot of pictures in my cell phone and keep looking at them. I'm going over in the morning to take Skyler and baby to his first checkup. I miss them both already.

Grandmother, Grandmama, Big Momma, hell, just whatever Phoenix wants to call me

It has been SUCH a pure joy to share this event with you. You know who you are. This website address is only given out to the people I have the closest connection with-- my friends.


Marie said...

I'll never forget my own mother crying when i gave birth to her first grandchild. She said, " There is no other feeling like it. It as if a circle has been drawn." Congrats to you Susan. And your daughter and happy birthday Phoenix. Enjoy!

Julie said...

Susan, you sound so full of joy. Made me smile to read this.

Shirl said...

oh yes, Susan, so many congratulations and thoughts of love and friendship for you and your family. Thank you for sharing with us.

Susan said...

Thank you, Marie! It IS like a circle. I couldn't put my finger on it but it's a feeling of being complete or fulfilled.

Thanks, Julie. Our family needed this beautiful blessing and it's been a privilege to share it with my friends.

Shirl: You have been with me all along this trail of trials and it's so wonderful to have these blessings to report. Thanks for all you do.