Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blue Butterfly

Shirl had a post about the Monarch butterfly the other day and said that only they live 2-4 weeks in the butterfly stage. I'll never look at a butterfly again without thinking about their precarious lifespan.

Today and yesterday I've been visited by a beautiful black and blue butterfly. It's large and mostly black with a soft blue color on the bottom third of its wings. It put on a show for me by walking in a circle then flapping its wings up and down. Turn around half circle to the left this time, up and down with the wings. "Yes, I see you, blue butterfly, and am honored that you stopped by."

Back again on the porch this morning as I opened the door to let Buddy out. Then she was off to see the flowers nearby.

I've looked at butterfly images and can't seem to find one like this little guy.

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Shirl said...

Sounds beautiful!!! I don't know my butterflies very well yet, so I can't identify it. (I only know monarch and yellow swallowtail (which Sheryl calls Great Eastern, or something like that)).

I think butterflies like good people.