Friday, June 22, 2007

Slumber Party

Skye and I spent the past four days together and we just had a blast. On the 3rd day I began calling it a slumber party. We cut and styled each others hair. We gave ourselves beautiful hot pink (me) and deep rose (Skyler) pedicures and fire-engine red (me) and black (Skyler) manicures.

We talked about boys-- "baby daddy" included-- and we went out to eat, went shopping and ran errands. I wanted to take her to the lake but she's sleeping weird hours and was tiring easily.

Yesterday she had her 7 month checkup which is primarily a diabetes check. You drink something and wait for them to draw blood an hour later. Her belly is really out there now but oddly enough she hasn't gained any weight!! She gained a lb and lost a lb, she gained 3 lbs and this month she lost 3 lbs, so there's a net weight gain of ZERO. But she's just 28 weeks... JUST? She's 28 weeks.

Together we thought of a name that came to us driving down the road... we were dumb struck with it's perfection. But it's a little different so we're still mentally trying it on for size.

Ok, I'm done, (as Father Luke says at the end of his blog posts.)


Julie said...

You are going to be one doting granny! :)

Shirl said...

and how do you spell spoiled? *grin* Grandma Susan!

Seriously . . . are you going to be Grandma or Nana or . . . ????

Susan said...

Moi? Spoil someone? Mebbe just a little bit.

I don't know about my new Grandmother title yet. Should I pick something out or should I wait and let him pick it out? Usually a little one will try to say "grandmother" and it comes out differently in their own sweet, adorable way.