Friday, June 22, 2007

5 Posts in 24 Hours?

Which random phallic object are you?
Quiz by Andrea.

pinched from Julie who is also a Banana!


Julie said...

Apparently I am. :)
(and I pinched it from Shirl, who's a hot dog)

Susan said...

Hiya, Banana Girl! Shirl is a hot dog, huh? heh heh heh Well, I DO eat a banana almost every day. Behave yourself :)-- It's part of my 5 fruits a day thing.

This posts' title is 5 posts in 24 hours, but I think it's only 4... still a record for me though!

Happy Saturday all my lovelies! Smoochies all around xoxo

Shirl said...

Monday peeking smoochies here!

Hotdog pearl!

Susan said...

Just call us HD and Ol' Yeller.

You can tell that I'm tired and getting delirious. Is it bedtime yet? =)